Zombies: Accessing named array yields "Invalid array name, Internal error, Unreachable code." on 15.7


I created an array, and it shows up in list(…).

{29} 'lonlat0_1',8039,8039,'lonlat0_1<lon:double,lat:double> [iCell=1:64,64,1,iPoint=1:1,1,0]',true,false

but when I try to remove it I get the following.

iquery  --port 1239 -a -q "remove(lonlat0_1);"

SystemException in file: src/system/catalog/SystemCatalog.cpp function: _getCurrentVersion line: 2144
Error description: Internal SciDB error. Fatal: Unreachable code is reached in 'SystemCatalog::_getCurrentVersion(): invalid array name'.

It seems I have a zombie array with which I can’t do anything. Are there any ways to resurrect this array?

Or how can I delete this array and move on?


Removing other arrays first seems to help. For example if I remove the similarly named lonlat0 first, I can then remove lonlat0_1.


Hmm :confused: That’s not supposed to happen. Looks like you may have found a bug we haven’t seen before.

Is there any way that you can get this to happen again and tell us how? We’d appreciate that.