Will the VM show welcome message without Virtualbox UI


I failed at building SciDB on Ubuntu 12.10. The step of using “make” (with or without -j4) does not run and the error is -

[ 37%] Built target scidbclient make: *** [all] Error 2 ./run.py: ERROR: Command make failed: Abnormal return code: 2 on command ['/usr/bin/make', '-j4'] Make sure commands setup,make,install,start are performed (in that order) before stop,stopForce,tests

So, I thought let me throw virtualbox on it and use the VM provided here - downloads.paradigm4.com/QuickStart/13.12/

The issue is that I have Ubuntu 12.10 server edition which obviously does not have GUI/window manager. So, I have to configure the VMs via CLI (headless). I want to know if starting the VM via CLI will also show the message as mentioned in the document?

Welcome to the SciDB VM!
A simple SciDB web interface is available by directing your browser to:

Asking this because I changed Bridged to HostOnly and still don’t see this message when the machine starts. I see a regular message -

Waiting for VM “SciDB13.12-CentOS6-VirtualBox-4.2.10” to power on…
VM “SciDB13.12-CentOS6-VirtualBox-4.2.10” has been successfully started.[/quote]


So, I went ahead and started GUI and used VirtualBox’s GUI to start the VM and was able to access it (even via SSH). Although you do mention in the documentation things like “2. From the VirtualBox menu, select File | Preferences.” which point to the fact that this VM should be run via GUI and not headless.

If anyone else has tried using launching headless VM and got it to work, then please accept my apologies. Otherwise, I believe that it maybe worth it adding a little note in the documentation that using headless may not work properly.