Where i can find iquery syntax?




You can see AQL and AFL reference in online documentation:
trac.scidb.org/wiki/Docs/Release … uage_11.06
trac.scidb.org/wiki/Docs/Release … uage_11.06

Internal iquery commands can be shown with ‘help;’ command in iquery’s interactive mode.



iquery accepts two languages: afl and aql.

Here’s an example of afl syntax:

apoliakov@scalpel:~/workspace/scidb_trunk$ iquery
AQL% set lang afl;
AFL% sum(filter(dense, a>40), a, x);

And here’s an example of aql syntax:

AFL% set lang aql;
AQL% select sum(a) from dense where a>40 group by x as foo;

Note that AFL has a lot more functionality at this stage. Please see Artyom’s post for where to find the reference.
Does this help answer your question?

Alex Poliakov


These are no longer available. Where is a reference for AFL syntax including “as” and dot notation? A language reference+guide for AQL and AFL would be useful, not just function and operator docs and examples. Is there a K&R for SciDB somewhere?