Weird problems in 13.9


I have installed the scidb v13.9 coordinator server on my ubuntu virtual machine, I did exactly as the manual and everything went smoothly until I typed " startall test " and I got such errors:

checking (server 0 (localhost) local instance 0) ... 
checking (server 0 (localhost) local instance 1) ... 
Found 0 scidb processes
start(server 0 (localhost) local instance 0)
Starting SciDB server.
start(server 0 (localhost) local instance 1)
Starting SciDB server.
Failed to start SciDB!

While I typed “ status db” I got this:

[code] instance_id | host | port | online_since
0 | localhost | 1239 | 2013-10-19 01:07:07.650281
1 | localhost | 1240 | 2013-10-19 01:07:07.67729
(2 rows)

This seemed totally normal, but when I try to run iquery, it gave this error:

while on another ubuntu image I can run the 13.6 without any problems, could anybody help me with these? Thanks a lot


Well I have figured out that the environment variable “LD_LIBRARY_PATH” was set but not updated. But I cannot find the webpage which contains the update command now :frowning:
Anyway, a reboot should update this variable, I guess.



For a default install it should simply be


AKA lib under the install directory.
Let me know if you continue having issues.