Unknown network message type


I’m trying to compile and run my own copy of the Java scidb connection example here:

The code is entirely the same except the class name and its package are changed. It compiles fine but when I run try to run it I get the cryptic error listed below after the command:

java -classpath ~/JDBC/scidb4j.jar:/usr/share/java/protobuf-java.jar:. main.TestConn

java.sql.SQLException: org.scidb.client.Error: Unknown network message type: 0

My instance is running correctly and when I attempt to run the premade jar like in the example instructions in chapter 11, it runs fine. Any idea why my version isn’t working?


Could you post the code, please?

Based on what you’ve reported, we can’t really tell you much. SciDB issue? SciDB + JDBC issue? Misaligned versions? Mis-configuration (that can be fixed another way).