Unable to install 15.12 on ubuntu


I have been trying install 15.12.1 on an ubuntu 14 EC2 instance, and have not been able to get as far as
$ deployment/deploy.sh prepare_postgresql ....

As I have not found a way disable all forms of authentication for root access via ssh as your installation scripts appear to require.

I have tried including removing root password from /etc/shadow, and updating ssh_config to PermitRootLogin without-password and PermitEmptyPasswords, but for some reason su and ssh as root still require passwords and your deployment scripts fail.

Even if I were able to get past this first step, I am struggling to understand why scidb requires us to compromise system security so dramatically for something as basic as installing postgres.



:confused: no you shouldnt need to mess with /etc/shadow or any of that

You need self-user password-less ssh. It means user@machine is able to ssh user@machine without a password. That is accomplished by generating a key and placing it into a list of authorized keys. Typically it goes in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
You are still logging in with a secure key - it is just selected automatically. It’s a very common practice; google “password-less ssh.”

For the “scidb” account you need to have this on for the scidb user (the user running the system.

For installation, you also need to do the same thing, for root, just once. So root@machine needs to be able to ssh root@machine. You can disable this part after you install.