Typos in user guide


I’ll just add them to this thread as I come across them…

Today’s typos are in the SciDB Aggregate Reference, page 101.

  1. the second and third arguments to build_sparse are in the wrong order:
  1. the corrected query should return[color=#008000] [(3)][/color] and not[color=#800000] [(6)][/color]

Cheers, George


SciDB AFL Operator Reference, “build”, page 128:

Is this true? I found that only dimensions are allowed in the expressions. Here is a very trivial example:

[quote]AFL% show(a);
[(“a<x:double> [i=1:2,2,0]”)]
AFL% scan(a);
AFL% build(a, ii);
AFL% build(a, i
AFL% build(a, x);
UserException in file: src/query/ops/build/BuildArray.cpp function: BuildArray line: 340
Error description: Error during query execution. Build expression should not access attributes.
Failed query id: 1102954778310[/quote]

Here ‘a’ has exactly one attribute ‘x’ and one index ‘i’ bounded to (1,2) . The array ‘a’ is loaded with 2, 2.
the first couple of builds use the schema from a, as it should, and some expressions involving dimensions i and constants. All is fine until
you try an expression with ‘x’, the one attribute in the array. Is this a bug or a typo in the manual?

Cheers, George