Transfer from Oracle to SciDB & recommended connectors



I have a Java Swing application for my own personal use to run some calculations that uses an OracleXE instance. Well I saw a talk by Michael Stonebreaker about how bad it is to do linear algebra (matrix multiplication in my case) in a standard RDBMS, and then I hit the size limit of 11 GB on OracleXE so I am now migrating to SciDB.

What is the best way to migrate my data? Should I export it as text files and then run import commands?

I’m guessing there is a driver that will let me connect from Java to SciDB to issue commands, but when I look through the documentation I can’t find reference to it.

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So there are references on the wiki to connecting from C/C++ … tInterface

But I haven’t found any docs yet on how to use it, or any other languages.


To migrate data simply export as CSV files from your source database and load into SciDB using csv loading.
Our documentation describes csv loading in detail. Here’s a snapshot of the User Guide updated for the upcoming release:
p4-releases-12-10.s3.amazonaws. … -12.10.pdf

We don’t currently have a Java connector, however, we do have a python connector.


Thanks, that documentation is very helpful.

I ended up outputing single column data in the scidb format with some simple chunks that were easy / consistent with the original. And now as the documentation mentions I can convert to other arrays with more appropriate chunk sizes. I wrote it up in detail here: