Trac wiki doc pages


Hey guys,
I really like … uage_11.06 pages.
Does does something like this exist for 12.3? I tried the obvious: substituting 12.3 for 11.06 with no luck. Even tried 12.30 …

Cheers, George


Hi George,

I asked some other teammates about it – and the answer is “unfortunately not.” We’ve switched how we write documentation; we no longer do it in trac, and so we won’t be producing more trac-like stuff.

I’m assuming you’ve seen the new docs in PDF format. Is there anything about that PDF format that we could improve?


PDF is great, though I did like the pointy-clicky style you can jump around in HTML documents… I didn’t need a PDF viewer, thought the browser can also display PDF, I suppose if I bother to configure it correctly.
No worries though…

I would like the user guide to contain correct information though. like ‘server-0’ vs. ‘instance-0’ in the config.ini files…
I looked inside to figure out, so no worries again :smile:

Talking about … are there plans to make it more robust? It’s not very good at reporting errors and why they occur.
If not, I’d be happy to take that on, I need to understand as much about how things work as possible.

One more thing: May I use some of the copyrighted presentations to make one for our internal use?
I need to make briefings for the deciders, and Paradigm4 has some really great slides I could cannibalize, if I get permission.
Please let me know how it can be done.

Thanks, George