Switching commands between AQL and AFL using jdbc API in java for scidb 15.12


How to use
the JDBC feature to switch between AQL and AFL (like the Java connector)
using SCIDB 15.12, since the JDBC driver uses AQL as the default and
with it some scidb statements like stmt.executeQuery (“store (build (A, (1), (3), (2)] [(- 2), (8), (- 1)] [(4), (- 6), (5)]] ', true) ,THE)”); or stmt.executeQuery (“UPDATE m4x4 SET val = -pow (val, -1) WHERE abs (val)> 5”); give Query parser failed with error ‘syntax error, unexpected identifier’.


Hi! You should be able to switch between AQL and AFL by calling the Connection.setAfl(boolean) method. There are also isAfl() and isAql() predicates. Let me know!

Mike Leibensperger