Support for compiling iquery.cpp | Missing file dependencies



I am interested in building an API for SciDB in C++ . To achieve this, I would like to compile and link iquery.cpp to an executable program as the initial step.
“iquery_parser.h” is again an include in iquery.cpp. Hence, we would need to compile iquery_parser.cpp so that we are able to link it to iquery.cpp. There seems to be a number of missing file dependencies as described :

[ul]The include file “[color=#0000FF]location.hh[/color]” used in iquery_parser.cpp is missing in source code folder (scidb- [/ul]

[ul] The include files “[color=#0000FF]FlexLexer.h[/color]” and [color=#0000FF]iquery/parser.hpp[/color] used in scanner.h is also missing from the source codes . (scanner.h is a include in iquery_parser.cpp)[/ul]

Please let me know where/how to look for these files in the source codes so that I can proceed further.

(screenshots of error messages are attached)

Linking Error Message.pdf (79.2 KB)