Strange message from protobuf, 13.12


SciDB Gurus:

Everything seems to work now with 13.12 (Alex, thanks for your help in finding my zombied processes that were eating up ports :smile:)
I was experiencing a strange warning message from iquery.

This is embarrassing because it took me an hour to figure out what I did wrong.
I thought Iā€™d put my ego aside and share in case someone else runs into a similar situation.

The warning message was new to me and in no way affects the query.
There are no errors in the log file, and the result is correct, but the warning message is weird:

AFL% project (list('arrays'), name); libprotobuf ERROR google/protobuf/] Can't parse message of type "scidb_msg.QueryResult" because it is missing required fields: dimensions[0].type_id, dimensions[0].flags, dimensions[0].mapping_array_name No,name 0,'GF_Loadarr' 1,'GF_temp' 2,'MAT1NXLND' Query execution time: 70ms AFL%

As it turns out, I was inadverdantly invoking iquery from 13.6. When using iquery in 13.12 the warning message does not appear.

I have not deleted our 13.6 yet and some script I tried set the version and PATH to 13.6.
The port number is there because our production (default port) is running 13.11 and I am exercising 13.12 on this strange port.

Cheers, George