Stand alone UDO Makefile?


is there a way I can build user defined operators outside of the scidb build?

I was able to create a stand alone directory, add my own aggregates, create a makefile, compile and build a plugin which is loadable by scidb.

Having problems doing the same with Operators. It builds fine, and the generated .so file is succesfully loaded by scid but the new operators do not “register” with scidb. I found that src/query/OperatorLibrary.cpp needs to be involved somehow but cannot figure out how on a stand alone project.

Seems the only way is to create a directory under src/query/ops, add the new files there, and edit the provided makefiles.

Does anyone have a sample Makefile to share with a stand alone Operator plugin?



… been wondering about that myself. It would be great to make operators like --m suggested.
I was going to do a big make with all echoes/traces turned on and capture the make output.
Then edit it down to the stuff around my operator and the library generation.
… turn that into a new Makefile and hack it into shape. Not elegant, but we’ve all done stuff like this when in a pinch.
I’ll hold off on this hack if there is a clean makefile content with only the right stuff and dependencies …

Cheers, George


Well, since you asked, I put one here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1099