Ssh failure


Trying to get SciDB 13.11 running on CentOS 6.5, and I’ve run into a ssh error I can’t figure out.

When running initall test1, I get the error
ssh failure: server=localhost port=22 No authentication methods available

I’ve set up and tested password-less ssh, and netstat says something is listening on port 22.
Any ideas?


For CentOS, there are a couple of extra steps you need to do to get password-less SSH working correctly. These are described in the doc, but basically, you have to configure iptables, and configure (or disable) SELinux.

The details are in the doc, chapter SciDB Installation and Administration --> Preparing the Platform --> Additional Configuration on CentOS and RHEL.

Let me know if you’ve already done that, and we can try further troubleshooting.


I can connect to scidb_user@localhost without using a password, but I’ll make sure the iptables ans SELinux are configured properly.


Checked iptables and disabled SELinux, still ‘No authentication available’.


You mention that you can connect to scidb@localhost without a password. The instructions in the doc also mention being able to connect to the following:

And also between servers, if you have more than one server for your cluster. Can you connect to these URLs without using a password?


I can log in as those as well.

I only have 1 machine running scidb, this is more of a test set up rather than production.


I downloaded the VM image from the Quick Start link, and I’ve gotten that running. But I would like to try and get this error resolved.



Looks like we’ll need to do some Python hacking here. Looks like your ssh commands from the shell succeed but ssh from fails for some reason.

Might as well make a copy of and try to poke around.
The line that’s failing is probably a call to the sshconnect() function.
You could add a print statement to there to get the contents of “srv” exactly. Then try a manual ssh command with that. Failing that, try to write a little program that just does a single sshconnect() call.

Come to think of it, perhaps a different version of Python is in order? I happen to have 2.6.6
There also is the ssh_config file. Perhaps something in there is amiss? But that wouldn’t explain why you can connect normally.

Does this help any?


Running the python script after adding the line

spat out

python -V says it’s version 2.6.6.

I’ll try some python stuff and see if I can get it to connect, and I’ll inspect sshd_config.