Ssh error when initializing scidb 14.12 community version


Dear all,
I’m trying to install SciDB on Ubuntu 14.04.
When trying to initialize SciDB I get an ssh error “no authentication methods available”:

katharina@Yoga:/etc/ssh$ cd /tmp && sudo -u postgres /opt/scidb/14.12/bin/ init_syscat yoga
yoga is the result
Deleting yoga…
Sample of connection string:
host=localhost port=5432 dbname=yoga user=scidb password=pwscidb
katharina@Yoga:/tmp$ sudo /opt/scidb/14.12/bin/ initall yoga
/opt/scidb/14.12/bin/ ERROR: ssh failure: server=localhost port=22 No authentication methods available

The ssh login for user scidb works. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks in advance!



Hey hedvig - did you ever resolve this? I’m working on installing with a smiliar setup, and am having the same problem.


Hey guys. You sure you can
ssh scidb@machine
where the machine is specified the same way (hostname/ip) as it is in the config.ini file
without a password?

If that works, this should too… :confused:


Oh – dont run initall as sudo. Run initall as the scidb user.