SS-DB benchmark available?


I’d like to open this topic , as I don’t where the SS-DB benchmark is available.



The SS-DB benchmark has moved to Sorry that the old address could not be kept running.


Source code for the MySQL version of the benchmark implementation is avaiable,but the code for SciDB version is not avaiable.
can we get it from you?


Hi huangqun0520,

the ss-db benchmark package has been already included into the release of SCIDB source code.

the following dir is …



Yes the SS-DB benchmark code was in the SciDB source tree, but only for releases prior 14.8. You can, for instance, get SS-DB via downloading the SciDB 14.3 source code.

In SciDB 14.8 we have removed SS-DB from the source tree because, as we make changes to the SciDB engine, we did not spend our time keeping SS-DB current (nobody asked for it). If you need to have SS-DB working for the current SciDB release, let us know.


I have a lot of interest from potential customers in scidb ss-db benchmark. Can we get the latest version of it working on scidb current release?
i am also interested in maintaining the part of it which compares scidb to rasdaman and other alternative array databases.


We lack the resources to maintaining non-core-engine stuff including this SS-DB benchmark. Also, Paul Brown is putting together a newer benchmark. Some time later we might revisit this issue of keeping SS-DB current.