Scidbconnect() error


Hello, I’ve loaded the scidb library into R:


and try to connect with a SciDB instance:


but get the following error:

Error in read.table(val, sep= “,”, stringAsFactors=FALSE, header=TRUE, : no lines available in input.

Any suggestions on what happening/how to fix it?

Thanks, Patrick


Sorry about that, it’s a curious error.

Can you enable debugging output in the R package to help diagnose?



OK, it took me a while but both shim and the R package have gotten major updates. Try again with the latest versions:

and install the R package from github with (from R):

devtools::install_github(“paradigm4/SciDBR”, ref=“laboratory”, quick=TRUE)

That github branch has a few issues left to resolve. Hopefully it will be ready to submit to CRAN in a week or so…