SciDB with GeoServer front end


Hello, I was wondering if anyone has configured SciDB with a GeoServer or other geo spatial server as a front end?



We have quite a number of folk using SciDB to manage geo-spatial data, mostly as a platform for time series analysis of either astronomical or earth science data (satellites, weather radar, etc).

For the most part, the emphasis in SciDB is on raster data (I notice GeoServer includes considerable vector data support … which isn’t a great fit for us) and we’re definitely a heavy-lift oriented back end (we don’t draw pictures). That said, if your ambitions are to do things like data alignment, connected component labelling, change detection and so on, we’re about ideal.


Thanks for the reply. I am really looking for something that can do both of these things. I want to operate on the raw data with something like SciDB but I also want to be able to expose the data as imagery so that a user can get a visual understanding of the information. I have seen that Rasdaman tries to do this by using both the OGC standard WMS to map data and WCS to manipulate coverage (or raw) data. I was trying to find out if the same type of functionality can be achieved if the data were to be stored in SciDB and exposed via something like a GeoServer.