SciDB support for C++


Is it possible to access SciDB from an application program written in C++ ? Is SciDB currently having any support for such bindings ?



There is a C++ API described by the SciDBAPI.h header file and the shared library, but I regret to say it requires some knowledge of internals, e.g. the ArrayDesc class, ConstArrayIterator, and so on, so that API header file does not totally encapsulate everything you need to know. The iquery client uses this API; your best bet is to use a copy of the iquery source code as a starting point and modify it to suit your needs.

Best regards,
Mike Leibensperger


Hi Mike,

Thank you for suggestions. I am now trying to write an API on top of of iquery.cpp for which I would like to link iquery.cpp to my executable. I am not being being able to resolve the dependencies to compile iquery.cpp. Please let know the makefile for compiling iquery.cpp such that I can build an API to access the functionalities of iquery.cpp



Hey you may want to look at

  • it’s an example of what you want to do (see Makefile there)
  • it may actually satisfy your need