SciDB source code


Hi, guys.

Why don’t you use some open source repository such as sourceforge or github?
I ask for source code link in Friday and still got no answer.


We have been setting up the necessary infrastructure (such as this forum), and it look longer than anticipated, thus the delay. We also anticipate slower response in the next week, as large fraction of our team is at the XLDB4 conference and the SciDB Community Meeting, but after next week things should get much smoother.


I believe it will make contribution easier if we have a public repo available. Since I couldn’t find one anywhere, I created a github public repo called SciDB-mirror at


This post is really old and the repos at is also outdated.

Just trying to see where the actual repo is. Thanks for your help.


Are you planning to release source in a repo on Github?


We are not planning on releasing the source code on Github. The source code and instructions for building scidb can be obtained here:

Click on Scidb 14.8 for the latest (currently) release.


Thank you for your response. May I ask why is that the case?

If you are not, then can I (or anyone else) create a repo just to track? Obviously, with proper attribution and copyright notice you Padadigm4. Or will that be illegal?


No it’s not illegal and there are a few out there already: