SciDB-Py: Assign Values


I would like to request a feature for the SciDB-Py interface to allow user to modify a submatrix.

For example:

  1. I created a large 3D matrix in SciDB:
    SD = sdb.zeros((1000, 5000,2000))

  2. I loaded a 2D matrix in format of NumPy
    D is a 2D matrix of size (5000,2000)

  3. I would like to upload D to SD:
    for i in Range(0,999):

However, it complains that I cannot assign values to SD object. I even tried a simple one: SD[0,0,0]=0, it does not work as well.


I agree strongly with this. I cannot figure out any way to mutate data in a SciDB from within Python. It seems silly to be able to import data, but then to never be able to change it again…?