and postgres: echoes of P.D.Q. Bach


Some old timers may remember “Echo sonata for two unfriendly groups of instruments” by P.D.Q Bach (the only forgotten son of the prolific Bach family)…
Postgres and the rest of SciDB seem like these two that don’t always play nice with each other… I know, it is certainly something I did wrong, but there were no errors (apparently) during the 'initall" and I have almost 1000 days of data loaded so far and my test queries seemed to return reasonable numbers.

Anyways, I have a spot of trouble with SciDB hanging for two hours during a 27-day (estimated) loading of 33 years worth of climate data.
After ingesting fewer than 1000 of the over 12,000 datasets, I try to execute status after a boring and uneventful “stopall” followed by a “startall” with no apparent errors. But behold:

[quote][scidb@mas-nn 6h]$ status merra
psql: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "umera"
Abnormal return code: 2
error in command export PGPASSWORD=pwmera;psql -h localhost --username umera --dbname merra -c “select instance_id,host,port,online_since from instance order by instance_id”:
[scidb@mas-nn 6h]$ status merra[/quote]

This is new to me. I am not a psql expert and I am afraid to start mucking about in postgres land in the fear of losing what little progress I made.
Can someone give me a hint of what I should do? the scidb username has passwordless sudo, I used the same account to create the initial catalog, initall and all seemed fine at the time…

Thanks, George