Hi folks, here is a quick note to address an issue that didn’t make its way into the 14.12 release notes.

A bug in the SciDB 14.8 show() operator meant that when doing opaque backups

array schemas with unbounded dimensions would be recorded in the myBackup/.manifest file as having dimension upper bounds greater than the ((2**62 - 1) allowable limit (4611686018427387903 decimal, 0x3FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF hexadecimal). During restore, these arrays trigger a SCIDB_LE_INCORRECT_DIMENSION_BOUNDARY error, and the restore operation will terminate with a Python stacktrace.

The workaround is to edit the myBackup/.manifest file and substitute an asterisk (’*’) for the illegal upper bound(s).

Make a copy of the original file for safekeeping, then edit the working file. Remove the lines for the successfully restored arrays, so that the problem array appears first. Change its upper bound to ‘*’. For example,


Preemptively do the same for all other arrays in the myBackup/.manifest file with bounds greater than ((2**62) - 1).

Re-run the restore command:

All arrays should now load successfully.

Going forward, this won’t be a problem because the 14.12 show() operator has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Mike Leibensperger