Scidb installation on single debian server


I might want to attempt scidb as a replacement for hdf5. I might want to test it on my Debian PC (no clusters) to give it a try.

Is this possible? Might be that Debian (as opposed to Ubuntu) is not supported?

I had no fortunes with the installation guidelines. The organization content tells that my OS is not supported. The scidb userguide says about some pre-built packages (for Ubuntu, at least). But there is no hint on how to obtain them.



We provide binary packages that install on RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu. Sorry, we don’t provide Debian-specific packages. Ubuntu packages are .deb format so its remotely possible it would install, but I don’t know if it is worth trying.

If you really need it for Debian, you will have to obtain the source, build it yourself on Debian, and port the package building from Ubuntu to Debian. We don’t do that ourselves, so I don’t know what other issues you will run into and cannot offer you any specific guidance.


The pre-built Ubuntu 14.04 packages for 18.1 at may or may not work for you. No guarantees there. Your best bet would be to build from source. Make sure you are looking at the latest 18.1 docs, these are at . (You mentioned the “userguide” which sounds stale. For the last few releases the doc has been released by publishing a Confluence wiki space. Releases are announced on the forum and the announcement should provide all the links you’d need.)

The list of supported distros is short to keep our testing manageable. There’s no reason I can think of that would prevent building on Debian, but we’ve never tried it.



A few more things you can try: