SciDB for windows server



Can any one know if there is a windows installer for SciDB OR any plan to release database engine for windows server platform? we have all windows servers in my company.



Sadly, no.

We’re focused on Linux platforms, and specifically Debian based Ubuntu and Redhat/CentOS distros. We’ve no plans to get to Windows any time soon.

Just so everyone understands … it costs us basically 3 months of FTE time to get our build environments stable each time we upgrade from release to release of each of these two distros. We use a lot of open source software–boost, postgres, etc–and we write C/C++ code of sufficient complexity that it can upset the always improving compilers (as they add more warnings and improved static analysis). We try very hard (not always successfully) to keep our compiler warnings to zero.

Adding to our release platforms takes a lot of time and typing. Our plan is to keep to our knitting, and work to improve the engine’s stability and performance.