SciDB connector in Windows?


I want to know if there is a SciDB library available for connecting SciDB server under Windows environment. I know two clients, i.e. iquery and a client included in shim in Linux, but they all reference which cannot be called in Windows. Any suggestions?


There are several of options.

  1. The SciDB-R client can run on a Windows or Mac client, and talk through ‘shim’ to a SciDB engine running on Linux servers.

  2. There’s a JDBC driver that’s 100% pure Java, meaning it should run happily on a Windows or Mac client.

  3. If neither of these will work for you, there’s always the possibility of using the google protobufs tools to generate a client side library in any of that tool’s available languages. We selected protobufs because we knew it would be an easy thing to use to get to the broadest range of client platforms. AND … patches! Send us patches!


To expand on what plumber (Paul) said specifically:

shim sits on the same machine as scidb. It is a web server that can accept queries via a URL so – anything that can talk to the web can, potentially, send a query to scidb.