SciDB 13.9 Crashing in the Redimension Operator


There seems to possibly be a subtle bug in the redimension operator. For reasons I don’t want to go into here, I issue queries like this:

AFL% redimension(build(val:double[i=0:XXX,300000,0],i),val:double[i=0:XXX,300000,0]);

It works well, apart from when XXX = 204799 - in which case the query works well, if 300000 is reduced to 200000.

I get the error message below (which presumably comes from an instance crashing and not engaging in any network communication after that).

SystemException in file: src/network/BaseConnection.h function: receive line: 294
Error description: Network error. Cannot send or receive network messages.



I believe we saw this and fixed it in 13.11. Recommend you give that a try.

  • Alex Poliakov


It appears to be fixed in 13.11, indeed.