install fails on CentOS6


I’m trying to install SciDB into a CentOS6 machine, after the make step that works correctly, my server fails on the install.
These are the last rows of the install output

mydb is the result
Deleting mydb...
Creating language plpgsql for database ...
Sample of connection string:
host=localhost port=5432 dbname=mydb user=mydb password=mydb ERROR: (REMOTE) ssh failure: server= port=22 Authentication failed. ERROR: Command install failed: Abnormal return code: 1 on command ['/home/scidb/scidbtrunk/stage/install/bin/', 'initall-force', 'mydb', '/home/scidb/scidbtrunk/stage/install/etc/config.ini'] ERROR: Make sure commands setup,make,install,start are performed (in that order) before stop,stopForce,tests

ssh is up and running, calling “ssh date” I obtain the date without be asked for the password