Rocks 6.0?



Our group has been able to build SciDB from source and run it on a single Ubuntu 12 machine, but we have had some difficulty in installing on our Rocks cluster. The sticking point seems to be the Postgres 8.4 dependency. We were wondering if anyone else has used SciDB with Rocks, or if anyone could point us to the quickest and easiest route to getting SciDB running on Rocks. As a side question, will SciDB build and run with the latest Postgres?

John Rushing
University of Alabama in Huntsville


Well this is the very first time I’ve heard of Rocks. Seems like every day my own ignorance is brought to my attention. From what I can tell, I don’t think there would be a problem deploying SciDB on Rocks. The two things are pretty much orthogonal. All SciDB requires is a collection of physical nodes with a TCP/IP interconnect.

In terms of Postgres - we’re limited to 8.4. The problem with getting to 9.x is that a couple of the SQL queries we use that run in 8.4 don’t run in 9.x, and as our meta-data management facilities aren’t a priority we’ve not spent any time thinking too hard about it.

We’d welcome a patch, though.