RHEL6 build?



Just wondering can you provide the RHEL6 x64 rpms as well?




Hello, Yushu,

Unfortunately, here we currently don’t have the resource bandwidth to go through the exercise and make a RHEL6 build.
One option might be to install an Ubuntu Virtual Machine and try scidb in that environment.
Another option might be to try to build it yourself. The sources are available in the downloads area, and the Users’ guide has a “Build from Source” section. But that section deals with Ubuntu and we found that on RedHat some of the steps are more involved. If you’d like to try it out and run into issues - maybe we can help comment and provide solutions as you go.

Also – maybe someone else on the forum figured out how to do it?

Sorry we can’t be of more help at this time. Will keep you posted if something becomes available.
–Alex Poliakov