Regrid query is failed in 18.1


I upgraded my SciDB from 16.9->18.1 and I faced some issues.

One of the issue is regrid aggregate operation.
It really worked fine in previous version of SciDB, but now the query using the regrid is failed.

For example, when I execute query like below:
4, 4, 4, 1,

The SciDB returns error like this:
UserException in file: src/array/MemChunk.cpp function: writeItem line: 990
Error description: Operator error. Attempt to create chunk of size 134217744 which exceeds configured limit (128 MiB).
Failed query id: 0.1544147533281230523

But I can’t understand that the regrid operator produces larger size of chunk then the ARRAY_A (original array).
As the regrid operator builds subarrays and performs aggregation on them, I expect that the size of the chunk will be reduced then the original array.

I insert the data in ARRAY_A using the redimension operator and it works fine.
How can I fix it?

The detail of ARRAY_A is:
AFL% dimensions(ARRAY_A);
{No} name,start,length,chunk_interval,chunk_overlap,low,high,type
{0} ‘ix’,0,5601,560,0,39,5560,‘int64’
{1} ‘iy’,0,4481,560,0,40,4440,‘int64’
{2} ‘iz’,0,2241,560,0,0,2200,‘int64’
{3} ‘ts’,0,50,10,0,0,49,‘int64’

AFL% aggregate(ARRAY_A, COUNT(*));
{i} count
{0} 185529300

AFL% summarize(ARRAY_A);
{inst,attid} att,count,bytes,chunks,min_count,avg_count,max_count,min_bytes,avg_bytes,max_bytes
{0,0} ‘all’,185529300,18309930504,9600,3430,115956,806560,8256,1.90728e+06,16020824