Recommended way to add data to an existing array


What is the recommended way of adding data to an existing array?

I imagine I could load the data, concat it with the existing data, save that into an array, delete the old arrays, and rename the new array. Is there another way?


The recommended way is to use insert (A,B) or insert ( redimension (A,B), B).
Since 13.1 we’ve identifies some issues in insert and redimension:

  • insert will always add at least CHUNK_SEGMENT_SIZE data to disk. So small inserts will result in unnecessary disk usage
  • redimension (and redimension_store) is slower than it needs to be
    The fixes to these issues are coming in the next release.


Thank you - sorry I am slow responding. Thanks for letting me know the other issues, and for working on them. I’m looking forward to using this.


Hi dlahr,

May be you also want to look at the concat operator?




I am trying to use the concat operator as :

store(concat(a1, a2), a)

I want to combine arrays a1, a2, a3 … into one array ‘a’. I am doing this with R package. But i get error :

Error in scidbquery(query, afl, async = FALSE, save = “lcsv+”, release = 0, :
HTTP request canceled

I get this error only when i run this query and not otherwise. Any hints will be helpful.

Thanks !


use insert operator