Questions regarding the tutorail and the provided VM



I’m following the tutorial provided (SciDB_QS_13.12.pdf) with the VirtualBox image provided but I’m running into some problems when I exectue this step:

[scidb@localhost ~]$ iquery -a
83 [0x7f00c352d760] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239
83 [0x7f00c352d760] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239
iquery SystemException in file: src/network/BaseConnection.cpp function: connect line: 262
Error description: Network error. Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239.

Thus, I checked if scidb was actually running:

[scidb@localhost ~]$ ps aux | grep scidb
root 1239 0.1 0.3 97804 3844 ? Ss 14:36 0:00 sshd: scidb [priv]
scidb 1243 0.0 0.1 97804 1772 ? S 14:37 0:00 sshd: scidb@pts/0
scidb 1244 0.0 0.1 108296 1932 pts/0 Ss 14:37 0:00 -bash
scidb 1270 0.0 0.1 110228 1172 pts/0 R+ 14:40 0:00 ps aux
scidb 1271 0.0 0.0 103232 868 pts/0 S+ 14:40 0:00 grep scidb

Also, there is obviously no response for SciDB at localhost:8787 or localhost:8888. That looks weird since the manual states that the VM will autostart the necessary scidb daemons. Checking the user guide, I tried this: initall test_db
config file parser error in file /opt/scidb/13.2/etc/config.ini: No section: ‘test_db’

Do I have to go through the whole user guide to try the tutorial? What happens with the test data to be used in the tutorial then?



No one had this issues with the VM? That would be kinda weird…


What’s going on is that SciDB isn’t running on the VM you brought up. The purpose of the VMs is to create a sandbox for learning about SciDB, so we thought it would be best not to have the VM automatically start SciDB.

Have a look at the User’s Guide and the various Quick Start Guides, which include detailed descriptions of how to install, initialize, stop and start a SciDB installation. Section 2 of the User’s Guide has all the details.



Hello Paul,

Tried that, went through the user guide, and it looks (correct me if I’m wrong) that to initialize SciDB I need to launch: initall test_db

But this causes the error:

config file parser error in file /opt/scidb/13.2/etc/config.ini: No section: ‘test_db’

Thus, I ended up looking the config file and the documenation regarding that file, but I can’t seem to find where do I have to specify the test_db database…Reading the Quick Starter guide, in the section related with the Amazon EC2 section, I see mydb mentioned, thus I tried: initall mydb

Warned me about data being destroyed, but everything seems to be working now…I guess the QS guide is missing that part for the VirtualBox section.



Both the VM and the AMI machines are supposed to start SciDB at boot up, with a database named ‘mydb’ defined in the /opt/scidb/13.12/etc/config.ini file.

If this didn’t happen for you then something is wrong. When I download and bring up either, they start up correctly.

Which version of Virtual box, and on what platform are you running?



My version of VirtualBox is 4.1.12-dfsg-2ubuntu0.5, and I’m running on a Linux 32 bit (Mint 13 Ubuntu-based OS)

I’ll try this on a 64 OS tough, and see if this happens again :smile:

Thanks for the help tough