Problems with scidb.12.10.5777.tar.gz


Exciting day, new release, new problems.

The ‘version.txt’ file is missing from this release. If you are not careful to generate it without a trailing linefeed, you’ll screw up the src/system/Constants.cpp, by creating two string literals that are split across lines, without an ‘’ continuation character. I recommend using ‘echo -n 5777 > version.txt’

Minor annoyances:

[]The src tree tarball no longer has a top-level directory.[/]
[]The filename is not consistent with the old naming scheme:[/]
Initial dash is now a period, no minor version (not that you ever used it), no codename.


Hey Douglas, it’s great to hear from you!

Thanks a lot for pointing these errors out. I believe I just fixed all of them - uploaded a new tarball up. Sorry about the annoyances :smile:


One other minor item, if you use the tar --exclude-vcs option (or --exclude=.svn if you are using an older version of tar), then you can cut the file size in half (~45M). Or just give us all access to the realm, and we can make our own changes. :smile: