Problems about Building SciDB v13.9 from Source code


Hi, I’m trying to develop user-defined operators for scidb and now am building the scidb version 13.9 from the source code, according to the deployment/ in the source code file.
Here are the steps I took to build on a fresh Ubuntu 12.4 according to the example in the deployment/

1. enable root(sudo passwd root), install expect, cmake, openssh-server,
2. sudo su
    ssh-copy-id -i  /root/.ssh/ root@localhost
    ./  access  root  scidbscidb  /root/.ssh/ localhost

    ./  prepare_toolchain localhost

    cd /home/scidb/scidb139 (this is where the code resides, "cd my_scidb_svn_trunk")
    mkdir /tmp/my_packages_path
   cmake .
   ./ build_fast /tmp/my_packages_path

The problem I ran into with the last command was like this:

dpkg-genchanges: error: cannot fstat file ../scidb-13.9_0-_amd64.deb: No such file or directory
dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-genchanges gave error exit status 2
dpkg-buildpackage failed

While those steps work fine with the version 12.3 code, which is really weird.
Could anybody help me with this? Thanks


I can’t offer any help, but I’m running into the same situation.


SciDB 13.9 build instructions have been added to the bottom of the 13.9 release page.
Internal developers at Paradigm4 follow these instructions and have no problem building SciDB. So I believe it should work for you.


Did anyone figured out a solution? I’m running into the same problem when installing v14.3.


This has been fixed in 14.8.

For anyone building 13.9 do the following before building:

export REVISION=6551

For 13.12 do

export REVISION=6856