Problem with make_packages


I am trying to install on a cluster, and I managed up to ./ make
then on the next step ./ make_pakcages, I got a error message, which
I don’t know how to proceed.

My OS is opensuse 13.1.

./ make_packages /tmp/packages
WARNING: about to delete *all* contents of /tmp/packages/* [y]|n: 
Source path: /home/scidb/dev/scidbtrunk
Script common path: /home/scidb/dev/scidbtrunk/deployment/common
Build path: /home/scidb/dev/scidbtrunk/BUILD
SciDB version: 14.8
Executing: build_fast /tmp/packages

Not supported OS
./ ERROR: Command make_packages failed: Abnormal return code: 1 on command ['/home/scidb/dev/scidbtrunk/deployment/', 'build_fast', '/tmp/packages']


We currently support CentOS 6.*, RedHat, and Ubuntu 12.04.


SciDB is supported on CentOS 6, RedHat 6, and Ubuntu 12.04.


I thought this restriction does not apply if I install from source


Not the case.

If you are trying to build and install on an unsupported OS then its up to you to modify scripts, source code, packaging to get it to work.
You could try modifying the deployment/common/ script but then you’ll find other roadblocks down the line.
And there is no guarantee the code will compile on your OS.

For instance I am working on porting SciDB to Ubuntu 14.04 (from 12.04) and need to build and package the boost libraries for the newer compiler and then there will be code changes to upgrade to gcc 4.8 from 4.6…

On the other hand note that we build under CentOS but can run with that build under RedHat.

The short answer is that if you are not building on the 3 supported platforms, you are on your own.


Ok, thxs for the input.

I have compiled the src code, don’t want to give it up yet. hmm.


If you install on the head node you should be able to tar up /opt/scidb and drop it onto the other nodes.
That is if you satisfy all the non-scidb packages (like mpi) on each node.