Problem with installation of scidb 14.12 on single machine


I am trying to install SciDB on my computer for trying it out for my univercity, but I keep getting errors again and again.
I have ubuntu 12.04 and it should be working but somewhy it doesnt
When I try to install SciDB 14.12 on the step where I need to "apt-get install scidb-14.12-installer"
it gives me message

Some packages are not installed.Maybe you use unstable version, where requested packages weren’t created or were deleted from Incoming.

Packages with bad dependences:
scidb-14.12-installer : Depends on: scidb-14.12-all-coord, But it cant be installed
E: Unable to correct errors, maybe some packages are missing

So basically, I think there are some problems with pepository
Can someone replicate this problem(by just following the 14.12 singlemachine install guide)
thank you