Problem of package dependency



I have successfully compiled all needed packages into RPMs from sources. But I am a little bit confused when I install scidb-14.12-all on the non-coordinator nodes following appendix A of the installation guide as it requires installing postgresql which should be uneccessary according to the installation guide. I found the dependency existed in scidb.spec file: scidb-14.12-all depends upon scidb-14.12-0-9095 which in turn depends upon libpq, libpqxx, and postgresql.

Is scidb.spec file wrong, or Iā€™m missing something?

Thanks in advance.

ā€“ Huiqun Zhou


It is the postgresql server that is installed on the coordinator node.
All other nodes need postgresql client software.


So, it means that I need to install postgresql-libs and postgresql packages on each compute node.

ā€“ hqzhou