Prepare_toolchain spawn ssh as 'root' user



Not sure if I missed it somewhere in the guide, but when running this step

cd <dev_dir>/scidbtrunk deployment/ prepare_chroot <scidb_usr> <hostIP0>

The script got stuck here
spawn ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@ rm -rf /tmp/root/deployment && mkdir -p /tmp/root

because there’s no root user in my system. I’m not sure how to stop it from asking for root literally, or if it is absolutely necessary. I would rather not having to create a user root.

My system is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and the only sudo user my_user can successfully passwordless-ssh to the host.

I would appreciate any idea how I should go about it.



Hi Trang,
The scripts are wired to use root.
My suggestion is do what is says but as yourself sudo’ing.

So for each “spawn ssh -o … root@” instead (since you are already on localhost) do the command line with sudo infront.
Also ignore the pair of calls:
…rm -rf /tmp/root/deployment&& mkdir …
scp …deployment/common

Those you can ignore because you are on the same machine the source is on. Just call the next ssh line.