Please send source patch re: binary parallel load errors


Glad I didn’t start bulk loading yet.
Just read the thread

Mike, if you have source patches, would you send them my way too?

Opaque save and reload from 14.8 to 14.12 won’t help me, I have to use the binary load files that I already created.
Thanks, George


Hi. I’ve gotten feedback that tossing source patches around on the forum is frowned upon, so instead I have made sure that the 14.12 source tarball is up-to-date to reflect the fix. A link to the new source tarball scidb- is now at the bottom of the release information page: . The older (and broken) scidb- tarball is no longer available. Within the new tarball, the files that changed to fix this issue were:

A new regression test was also added:

If you had a source tree created from the previous 14.12 tarball, simply replacing those files should do the trick.