ODBC connector



Any plans for a ODBC connector for scidb? We are looking for a database engine for a large environmental science project with many instruments at many sites. Scidb seems ideal for our uses, but I’m concerned about ease of access to stored data by a wide variety of scientists. While R is becoming more and more popular, a lot of folks are still using SPSS, Matlab or even excel!

cheers, Paul


We have a JDBC connector, and if you have a look at the code, it’s pretty obvious how you would write a rudimentary ODBC driver. That said, we don’t (yet) on the server side support many of the things needed to implement a full ODBC or JDBC driver; we’ve yet to add user authentication, etc (no userid/password, role etc) and no multi-statement transactions.

So far, the demand for ( a ) JDBC or ( b ) more language specific bindings (numPY, ‘R’, etc) have greatly exceeded demand for ODBC.

That said, if you want to write one, we’d certainly look upon it favorably.