Obtain Experience SciDB-R


Hello my lovely developers,

I am noob here, with SciDB, R and in the real life! Right now, I am developing an important project for my future with SciDB-R. I am reading some manuals about SciDB and R, this is an interesting task. Also I am looking for key information here!
Nevertheless, I want to comment somethings to get your advices.

Problem Description: Some csv files, an array scheme created (3 D and 3 attributes per cell). Well, I imported the csv files to R, and now I am a little lost!
How do I import these data, directly to the previous commented SciDB scheme? With the command as.scidb()? What parameters do I need?

Sorry for my noob question but If somebody knows that, it will great for our community and for me (obviously).

Many thanks for your time! :wink: