Number of instances from getInstancesCount()


I tried to configure SciDB to run on 1node with only 1 instance:
./deployment/ scidb_prepare scidb “” local11 local11 local11 /home/scidb/scidbdata/local11 1 default 0 localhost

But query->getInstancesCount() give me 2.
How come is that?



I have no idea whether you’ve figured this problem out. But if you want to only run one instance with only one node, the parameter line “server-0” should like “server-0=IP,0” in your configure file , because SciDB’s coordinater counts from “0”.

Best wishes.


I’m observing something similar where I deployed with the following deploy command:

[scidb@localhost ~]$ ./deployment/ scidb_prepare scidb "" "" "" dbalpha /home/scidb/dbalpha-DB 2 default 0

Which specifies 2 SciDB instances per host with 0 redundancy but I’m seeing a total of 8 processes getting started. Why is this?