Newbie facing problems with trivial examples


Hello, SciDBers. I am new (of one week) to this, and am already excited about the prospects. So far, I am going through the examples from scidb user guide (12.3) on page 23. I am almost embarrassed, because I should be having complex problems, not these simple ones. When I do this (wrote full pathnames as stated in manual)

$ iquery -aq “load(storage, ‘/home/scidb/stuff/foo.scidb’)”

I get:

UserException in file: src/query/ops/input/InputArray.cpp function: end line: 49
Error description: Import error. Import from file ‘/home/scidb/stuff/foo.scidb’ (instance 0) to array ‘storage’ failed at line 2, column 20, offset 25, value=‘Price’: Failed to parse string.
Failed query id: 1100848417973

contents of foo.scidb:
(“Gerrd”," SUV",42000),

and the array named ‘storage’ was created with (copied from manual)

$ iquery -aq “create array storage make:string,type:string,price:int64 [x=0:*,1,0]”

the foo.scidb file was created with

$ csv2scidb -p SSN -s l < foo.csv > foo.scidb

BTW: the first example leading up to converting miles per gallon to km/l worked as advertised.
(to make this an even better example, many countries in Europe publish not km/l, but l/100km :smile: My dad had a Lada and … but I digress)

Cheers, George