New Install Problem



I have installed Scidb on Ubuntu 11.04 (clean install) in a virtualbox vm as a single node testbed. Postgres is up and running correctly on port 5432 and the scidb user has sudo access with no password. I can initall/startall/stopall with no errors, but when I run iquery, I get the following error:

scidb@scidb:~$ startall test1
start(server 0 (localhost) local instance 0)
Starting SciDB server.
scidb@scidb:~$ iquery
1 [0x7f6cc89fa7a0] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239
1 [0x7f6cc89fa7a0] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239
iquery SystemException in file: src/network/BaseConnection.cpp function: connect line: 267
Error description: Network error. Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239.
scidb@scidb:~$ stopall test1
stop(server 0 (localhost) local instance 0)
scidb@scidb:~$ ^C

Can someone help me figure out what the problem is? I’ve searched the support forum but didn’t uncover anything.




Hello, Sean.

Sorry about the issue. This kind of pattern looks like scidb never started successfully - or died right after starting.

We can take a look at the following:

  1. your config.ini file
  2. your log (located at your base_path/000/0/scidb.log

If you post those up here, I can take a look at what might be causing the problem.

  • Alex Poliakov