Multiply operator


Has anyone had luck successfully executing the multiply operator?

I’m running a single-node instance of SciDB, and working through the operators. I created two arrays:

CREATE ARRAY m1 <a:int32> [x=0:!,2,0, y=0:1,2,0]
CREATE ARRAY m2 <a:int32> [x=0:!,2,0, y=0:1,2,0]

then loaded them, respectively, from files containing:

[[(2),(3)],[(4),(5)]] and [[(6),(7)],[(8),(9)]]

Executing scan() on both arrays shows the data loaded correctly.

When I run the query “multiply(m1, m2)” I get a “Multinode mode is not yet supported for multiply operator” error.

If you’ve gotten multiply() to work, please let me know what arrays you used as inputs.

Thank you, Patrick



We demo’ed the multiply() operator at XLDB using an interim build of scidb release 0.75, the upcoming release of scidb. Release 0.5 operators are those documented in the AIL wiki, and multiply is not in R0.5:

We will have multiply generally available in release 0.75, currently scheduled for end of the year.

Suchi Raman


Thank you for the response.

Regards, Patrick


Thank you a bunch, sraman, scidb release 0.75 was much of help. and helpful for dense and sparse data storage as well.