MPI Error with gesvd()



I have recently managed to install SciDB 13.11 on a virtual machine running CentOS 6.5. Now that I have a working instance, I am attempting to test the SVD functionality of SciDB. Working towards that goal, I have attempted to follow an example problem used within the SciDB user guide for gesvd. However, upon running gesvd I receive an error complaining about MPI. Is the example problem simply completed too quickly and thus returning the MPI error, or is this a different bug? Please advise on how I might rectify this MPI problem.

My attempt to replicate the example problem:

AFL% store(build(<val:double>[i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0], CON> iif(i=j,sqrt(3)/2, iif(i=1,0.5,-0.5))),A); [[(0.866025),(-0.5)],[(0.5),(0.866025)]] AFL% store(build(<val:double>[i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0],iif(i!=j, 0, CON> iif(i=0,2,1))),B); [[(2),(0)],[(0),(1)]] AFL% store(build(<val:double>[i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0], CON> iif(i=j,sqrt(3)/2, iif(i=1,-0.5,0.5))),C); [[(0.866025),(0.5)],[(-0.5),(0.866025)]] AFL% store(multiply(multiply(A,B),C),product); [[(1.75),(0.433013)],[(0.433013),(1.25)]] AFL% gesvd(product,'U'); SystemException in file: src/mpi/MPISlaveProxy.cpp function: checkLauncher line: 59 Error id: scidb::SCIDB_SE_INTERNAL::SCIDB_LE_OPERATION_FAILED Error description: Internal SciDB error. Operation 'MPI launcher process already terminated' failed.

My SciDB config.ini

[SingleInstance] server-0=localhost,0 db_user=singleinstance db_passwd=singleinstance install_root=/opt/scidb/13.11 pluginsdir=/opt/scidb/13.11/lib/scidb/plugins logconf=/opt/scidb/13.11/share/scidb/ base-path=/home/scidb/DB-SingleInstance tmp-path=/tmp base-port=1239 interface=eth0

Thanks for any help you can offer,


One of these should solve your problem.

  • iquery -aq "mpi_init()"
  • See the MPI troubleshooting section (2.6.5) of the user manual.