More errors and solutions on SciDB 15.12 multi-node installation


Found a couple more problems for which I can provide a solution.

When executing the following command, which installs the packages on the remote host (hostIP1):
./deployment/ scidb_install /tmp/packages <hostIP0> <hostIP1>

the routine reports a couple of errors, all linked to the absence of the SciDB repositories on the remote host (hostIP1).

As a workaround, I manually added the repositories on (hostIP1) with the following commands:
add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa
add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test

Also, when executing the command that initializes the database
./deployment/ scidb_prepare scidb "" mydb mydb mydb /home/scidb/mydb-DB 2 default 1 default <hostIP0> <hostIP1>

make sure that the file .bashrc exists in the scidb user home directory on (hostIP1), otherwise the routine will exit with an error.

Finally, once the installation is done, starting SciDB from (hostIP0) will start multiple instances of the SciDB process on IP, and goes into an infinite loop, never returning the control to the OS. Whereas, starting SciDB from the remote host (hostIP1) everything starts fine.

To solve this problem I changed the SciDB settings in the .bashrc file of user scidb on (hostIP0) from:

export SCIDB_VER=15.12
export SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH=/home/scidb/scidb_install/scidbtrunk/stage/install


export SCIDB_VER=15.12
export PATH=/opt/scidb/$SCIDB_VER/bin:/opt/scidb/$SCIDB_VER/share/scidb:$PATH
export IQUERY_PORT=1239
export IQUERY_HOST=localhost

Deployment issue

Thanks a lot for posting the solution. We will address this internally.