MODBASE: Using SciDB for MODIS Geospatial Data


Here is Gary Planthaber’s thesis on using SciDB for geospatial analysis of NASA MODIS data:
Planthaber_Thesis.pdf (7 MB)
All of the MODBASE tools are here: (6.84 MB)


Hi All,

Sorry , I couldn’t create a “rgb_gridded” array when running the in modtools , its dir is /modtools/queries/rgb.

Anybody can help me?

Thank you a lot!



When I try to install and execute mod2csv, I got the error message as follows

java.lang.Exception: Could not find HDF4 FileFormat (libjhdf native library is probably not in java library path).
at org.scidb.modis.Granule.openFile(
at org.scidb.modis.Granule.main(
I don’t know how to configure JNI file(, do I have to it to classpath or some other way?

I download hdf file from
In the thesis, he used 2012 data, but currently I can’t find it, then I used 2016 MODIS data
( sudo java -jar “mod2csv.jar” ./…/…/…/…/data/MOD02HKM.A2016152.0500.006.NRT.hdf )

Anybody tested it successfully ?


I added java library path with -D option, it works.
java -Xms512m -Xmx4096m -Djava.library.path="/home/scidb/work/modtools/source/mod2csv/" -server -jar /home/scidb/work/modtools/mod2csv.jar