Mixed openmpi and mpich2 in ubuntu build of scidb-13.6


sudo apt-get install scidb-13.6-all-coord


sudo apt-get install scidb-13.6-all

forces installation of openmpi and mpich2 as dependencies for scidb-13.6. This leads to a mixture of MPI-related binaries and commands in /opt/scidb/13.6/3rdparty/mpich2 and at other places where things are installed by default. Isn’t mpich2 the only supported MPI implementation?
What is the intent for this? Or I am just missing something obvious?




You can remove the openmpi. That dependency is no longer correct. We noticed the “dead” dependency at about the same time you did, and removed it. Sorry about that.

Are you able to get it all working now?

  • Paul